I am Vasileiadis Ioannis and I am a passionate and perfectionist Civil Engineer. I graduated in 2008 from Democritus University with a Diploma in Civil Engineering and I attended two Master Courses, one in Seismic Resistant Structures and one in Systems Engineering & Management.

I am a certified member of Technical Chamber Of Greece (TEE) with member ID 117524 and a certified Energy Inspector of buildings.

Since 2008 I have participated in various construction projects - constructions of traditional homes, modern villas, renovations, pools..

I have also may a lot of architectural, static and topographical surveys.

Let me introduce myself

In 2010 I invested in modern topographical equipment (GNSS & Total Station) which i updated in 2017. This equipment gives me the ability to make topographical surveys fast and with great accuracy.

Other services that I provide to my customers are the issue of building licences, the legalization of illegal parts of buildings, the architectural surveys and more...

My job principle is 'always listen the customer needs, provide the best service and give affordable prices'!

Don't hesitate to contact me for any question you have, for any building you want to construct or other engineer service. 

Our Office...

Στιγμιότυπο οθόνης (49)
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Κινητό (Mobile): 0030-699 713 3277 (& viber)

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Γραφείο (Office): 0030- 26616 00773 / 26630 95974

Διεύθυνση : (1) Πόλη Κέρκυρας Σταματίου Δεσύλλα 17 & (2) Σιδάρι , T.K. 49100

Address: Corfu Town Stamatiou Desylla 17 & Sidari, Corfu P.C. 49100

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