ECO Building in an Affordable Price

Prefabricated Houses / Wooden Houses

Prefabricated houses have wood as basic structural material. That means a house with this feature can be characterized immediately as an ECO house. In those type of structure, as we replace conventional material with wood, we succeed in reducing the emission of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Nevertheless wood has heat insulating property, which means that automatically gives an answer to our huge present and future problem, that of continuous soaring costs of energy. Their bioclimatic design with its masonry index of thermal transmittance we can reduce the energy consumption 75-80% beside the conventional masonry. 

 Basically the advantages that lead a buyer to Prefab Houses are the fast delivery ( 2-5 months ready ), the lack of anxiety ( weather conditions etc ), the quality of the structure and the economic way to build a house ( preset cost has been agreed at the begging). Experts report that prefab houses is about 20-30% cheaper than conventional structure materials. On average the approximate cost for buying this type of a house costs 700-800€/square meter. It is important to say that this cost depends on which material the client will choose so that price is indicative and it doesn't include water, electricity and sewerage facilities.

Constructing a prefab house from scratch.

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Licence / Statics

In this case we need the exact same building licence as the one that we use for permanent structure for the conventional material. Working with local City Planning bureau  we are capable of publish these kind of Licence. 

 Regarding Statics in wooden house we use wooden parts besides concrete slabs ,beams and columns. Likewise is the same way but without concrete. The only thing that is reinforced concrete is the foundation of the building. Wooden Houses are much lighter than the others, for this reason it does not need very enforced foundation even though when the ground is not solid enough. It is very important to add that these buildings have endurance in compressible loads as well as the wind pressures. Those loads are being looked over special software programs  succeeding in our clients safety.

 At last it is crucial to say that due to the fact that wood has bigger flexibility than concrete can do better oscillation in case of an earthquake. This makes it in fact shockproof. The biggest example of all is of course Japan which  suffers from earthquakes and uses most of the times wood for constructions. Also its weight makes it less dangerous in case of above. Those are some reasons why to choose to buy a prefabricated house..the choice is yours.

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