What is exactly Energy Efficiency at Household Buildings ?

Buildings and transportation are the most energy-consuming sectors in Greece. Buildings in Greece account for approximately 36% of the total energy consumption, while, during the years 2000-2015, relevant energy consumption increased by approximately 24%, one of the highest increases in Europe. One of the main reasons why Greek buildings consume so much energy is that they are old and have no built-in state-of-the art technology, due to the lack of relevant legislation over the last 30 years. Most of these buildings have problems relating to:

  • partial or total lack of heat insulation;

  • outdated technology windows/doors (frames/single glazing);

  • lack of sun protection on southern and western sides; 

  • inadequate use of Greece’s high solar potential;

  • inadequate maintenance of heating / air conditioning systems, resulting in poor performance.

Another important factor affecting building’s energy performance is tenant behavior. Users-tenants, who lack information about the rational use and management of energy, often tend to waste energy, e.g. by installing individual air conditioning systems without a relevant study, using low efficiency appliances, not performing maintenance of heating systems, etc. Within this context, the Ministry of the Environment, Energy and Climate Change (YPEKA), having completed the legal framework on buildings’ energy efficiency, has developed a set of financial incentives, with co-financing from the European Union, for the implementation of energy efficiency upgrading interventions in residential buildings, via the “Energy Efficiency at Household Buildings 2017” Program.

Approved Upgrading Interventions

  • Replacement of window frames, windows and doors 

  • Heat insulation of ceilings and walls

  • Sun protection of southern parts of buildings

  • Updating/replacement of heating and cooling systems with energy efficient ones

  • Solar panels

  • And other improvements.​​

Exterior heat insulation process

Which  buildings can participate

In order for a building to participate in the program the following prerequisites must be fulfilled:

a) It must be the main residency of the owner - tenant

b) The building must be legal

c) The energy certificate of the building must be ranked D category according with the new Energy Law (KENAK  2017) and below


The owner of the property who will participate in the program must make the improvements during 9 months of the time that he will be accepted in the program. 

The maximum percentage of funding can be as high as 70% of the total spending budget.

Your family or personal income can define whether you will be chosen to participate in this program. This board will guide you to understand in which category you belong to. This program has a maximum budget up to 25.000€ for each household and funds up to 70%. Only 30.000 households that will be able to apply first get to be approved by the program. If the governments budget which is 250.000.000€, will be complete then the electronic platform will be closed. This means that no other applications will be accepted. Those who belong to 7 category are eligible for advantageous bank funding.

28th of February

..the electronic platform via TAXISNET.GR opens. Don't forget that the prerequisites above must be fulfilled and only the first 30.000 households get to be approved. Don't waste your time. Contact us as soon as possible.

Income Criterias

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