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Do you own a home at Corfu and you have no idea how to use it? Nowadays a modern and at the same time legit way to earn some extra money is to become an Airbnb host by renting your own property to Corfu visitors. Register now to Airbnb and become easy and quickly an Airbnb host and ensure an easy income.

 Our Airbnb Makeover Service provides you all the needed services in order your property is ready for Airbnb service. We issue the Energy Certificate, we renovate and furnish your house so that you can draw visitor's attention. 

Decide in which

Home Décor are into...

Coastal Style

Coastal Style belongs to all those who do not want to be separated from their summer holiday mood and their love for the sea, the sun and the sand. The style is comfortable and welcoming and will give its owner peace and endless relaxation.

Cottage Style

Cottage Style  charms those who love to match the uninhabited, old, the invaluable or not object in the same space. Modern or not travels us to the intimate reminding "home" with many patterns on fabric and different materials that are totally aesthetically matched.

Minimalistic Style

The minimalistic style responds more to what is modern. It is a style that embraces aesthetics of basic simplicity. A minimalist space is well-processed and contains only those pieces that will help achieve the maximum decoration effect. It is the definition of simplicity in combination with aesthetics.

Industrial Style

The Industrial Style embraces the raw, a bit of the intense toughness associated with the primitive environment. It is textured, it is gray and worn ... but it is full of revitalized and recycled vitality.


Photorealistic design 


Energy Certificate Efficiency 

Home Renovation

Furnish/ Design

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Διεύθυνση : (1) Πόλη Κέρκυρας Σταματίου Δεσύλλα 17 & (2) Σιδάρι , T.K. 49100

Address: Corfu Town Stamatiou Desylla 17 & Sidari, Corfu P.C. 49100

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