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Get in Touch with our Clients!

V Engineering team brings you in touch with owners that are interested to sell their land without any intermediary including also our office! As a matter of fact we are conducting a topographical survey for our clients and if they are interested in selling it we provide a FREE platform in our web page, that demonstrates the plot with pictures and its site plan.

As they survey is being conducted by us the potential buyer can be informed if the land is allowed to be build and specifically how many square meters. You are getting a direct contact with the seller and the seller only! Our Office DOES NOT provide any Real Estate Service or has any financial benefit from this platform! Our purpose is to  provide a FREE virtual capture of our work transferred directly to your eyes.


LAND in Corfu

A 5.000 square meters land which is in Astrakeri area in North Corfu and a few meters away from the Astrakeri beach. 

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